About us

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Free From Harsh Chemicals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Safe & Effective
  • Clinically Proven
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

About Fytika

Fytika is founded on the idea of wellness- wellness being defined as a state which leads to overall health. Wellness is an active process wherein you make choices that define your lifestyle, control the risk factor by focusing on diet, nutrition, exercise, and spiritual practices that lead to holistic health. So that you have a quality life and each life experience is enjoyable and memorable.

Fytika products aim to supplement the effect of good lifestyle choices. These products endeavor to provide you the much-needed support in your journey towards overall health and fitness - making you feel good and look good.

The products are certified for the quality of the ingredients which are natural and herbal.

The team at the helm comprises people with vast and varied experience. A seasoned lawyer adept at GST handling ; a senior sales and marketing professional proficient in handling various aspect of Pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals business; a highly experienced person having complete understanding of handling supply chain in FMCG; a successful entrepreneur who thrives on challenges and has a strong business acumen and a person with a flair for developing robust and user friendly solutions -are some of the people who have come together to ensure a stream lined venture bringing quality products to the customers.

Who we are?

We are a company that believes in natural ingredients and their role in enhancing the quality of our lives and managing problems which occur due to our lifestyle and stress.

The goodness of natural ingredients combined with ease of use, delivered to your doorstep. There's only one you and this the only body you will ever have. We at Fytika wish to help you take better care of it.

Q1: Is FytikaHealthcareProducts Indian brand?

A1: Yes Fytika Healthcare Products is very much an Indian brand.It is founded on the idea of wellness and is dedicated to natural and nutraceutical products to enhance an overall sense of well being.

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Q3: Is FytikaHealthcareProducts harmful?